Jack Jarryd

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Jack Jarryd

After releasing his debut EP 'Evolve', Jack Jarryd debuted on national radio and sold out his first headliner show. Now he's back with new music, his new single 'Hot Stuff', released on Cloud 9 Music.

His voice serves as his weapon and shield, while moving from elevating pop and rock to touching ballads. In a vivid performance, he strives for the ultimate engagement with the audience, either through sincere vulnerability or electrifying rock ’n roll.

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Date Venue City Time Price Tickets
01 Jul 2023 Oostwaarts Festival Het Hulsbeek, Oldenzaal 19:00
16 Jul 2023 Park open Sonsbeek Park Arnhem NTB Free Entry
21 Oct 2023 Gigant [+ Orange Skyline] Apeldoorn €16 Buy tickets
10 Nov 2023 Luxor Live Arnhem €12,50 Buy tickets
30 Nov 2023 Fluor Amersfoort €13,50 Buy tickets
16 Dec 2023 Gebr. de Nobel Leiden €12,50 Buy tickets
21 Dec 2023 Nieuwe Nor Heerlen €13,50 Buy tickets
22 Dec 2023 So What Gouda €12,50 Buy tickets